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Learn about the Branded Tracking Page #Install my Branded Tracking Page.

Learn about the Branded Tracking Page #Install my Branded Tracking Page.

17TRACK offers a customizable tracking page that highlights your brand style and helps you improve the post-sales experience. Leverage your brand and the store URL to give your customers the best tracking experience and boost your growth.

What are the Benefits of a Branded Tracking Page?

Show your brand name in the tracking page URL.
When the 17TRACK app is connected to your store, the URL of the tracking page will show your store or brand name.
When the app is not connected with a store, the URL of the tracking page will only show your 17TRACK account name.
When the app is connected to more than one store, a URL will be created for each of the stores and show your store or brand name respectively.

Customize the tracking page to create unique brand image.
Feature List:
Custom Editing

Set the tracking page title
Set multiple query methods (Hot)
Set package status and its description
Hide shipping origin and carrier name.
Hide keywords in tracking results (Hot)
Product Recommendation
Marketing Module
Display tracking details, shipping origin and destination, transit time, etc.

Style Design

Font setting for title and text
Color setting for text, button and background (Hot)

Page Language

Language setting for the page and tracking results (Hot).

(Stay tuned for more releases! Updates will be sent to you via email.)

Redirect your customers to track in-store for better engagement.

Note: Redirection will only take effect on orders that are synced after it's turned on.

When the redirection feature is turned on, a click on the tracking numbers will lead your customers to your branded tracking page.
Following are the locations of the tracking numbers that support Redirection:
The order details page through the shipping confirmation email

The order details page inside the Shopify admin

How do I Install the Tracking Page? Get it in 3 Steps!

Step1:  Click here to copy the tracking page URL

Step2: Go to Shopify admin panel -> Online Store -> Navigation. Pick one preferred menu to add: Main menu or Footer menu.
Tip: we recommend adding the tracking page to the Shopify store’s main menu, as this ensures that your customers can easily find and use it.

Step3:Click "Add main menu" and paste the URL in the link box. Now you're all set!

Updated on: 31/01/2023

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