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How the 17TRACK auto track&trace work for Shopify orders?

How the 17TRACK auto track&trace work for Shopify orders?

17TRACK supports real-time automatic synchronization of Shopify orders for auto track&trace, which greatly saves manual work.

To successfully import orders from your store to 17TRACK, please make sure: The store is connected to 17TRACK.

Note: For the first-time registration, it takes some time to sync orders and update tracking.

To avoid orders appearing with no tracking info, please follow the steps:

What's the time range for the app to sync in-store orders?

After you've registered, your store orders will be synced to 17TRACK for track&trace based on the time range you selected. Newly fulfilled orders will be automatically synced to the "Shipment" page for tracking.

Note: Only orders that have tracking numbers uploaded on Shopify can be synced to "Shipment" section, order that hasn't been fulfilled or without uploading a tracking number can't be synced.

Updated on: 26/05/2023

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