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What if the order appears as Not Found in the tracking page, how do I get a quick fix?

What if the order appears as Not Found in the tracking page, how do I get a quick fix?

This may be due to the following:

Your Shopify store hasn't been connected to 17TRACK. Only orders that are being tracked in the 17TRACK admin panel are trackable in your tracking page, please check if your Shopify store is authorized to 17TRACK and the authorization status is connected.

Follow the steps to check or connect: "Connections" > "Add connection" > "Paste your store address" > "Confirm"

Order "not found" in the 17TRACK admin panel, it will also be unavailable in the tracking page. Please check the tracking status of orders in the admin page. If orders remain "Not found" while they're actually "In Transit" or "Delivered", please check as follows:
Check if you have run out of the quota, a gentle reminder for topping up your account.
Check whether the order has just been shipped. After your order is shipped, it takes time for the carrier to process the package and update tracking information. It means you won't get tracking results immediately after an order is shipped. You should contact the carrier if you don't get any updates for a long time.
Incorrect tracking number. Please check if the tracking number is correct.
Incorrect carrier mapping. Please check whether the correct carrier is matched.
If many of your orders remain "not found" for quite a while, please click "track again".
【Please refer to your local time, the system will stop tracking if there are no updates for more than 5 days.】

If you don't feel like connecting the app to your store or if you want to track orders outside of your Shopify store. You can add the tracking numbers manually on the Shipments page so the system can track for you.

If you have tried all the measures above and the order still appears as "Not Found", please contact us anytime for advice. 17TRACK promises to provide entire lifespan tracking till delivered.

Updated on: 31/01/2023

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