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How to modify my tracking page URL?

How to modify my tracking page URL?

ps: The tracking page link can't be modified if your store is still under construction.

Changing the tracking page link can promote the centralized branding of the store.  First, modify the link in Shopify; Second, modify it in the 17TRACK, and the modified content must be consistent, otherwise, it will not take effect; Finally, update the link of the brand tracking page to Shopify. Please follow the steps below:

Settings > Apps and sales channels > 17TRACK app > App proxy > Customize URL, you can follow the steps below:

Tracking Page > Design Tracking Page > Modify, It needs to be modified in the Shopify and 17TRACK at the same time, and the modified content must be consistent, otherwise it will not take effect.

Copy the tracking page link from 17TRACK > Go to the "Navigation" in Shopify and replace the original tracking page link with the latest link.

View an example:

After modifying the link, for orders synced to the 17TRACK admin panel in the last 1 month, the links on the order detail page will be automatically updated to the latest tracking page links.

Updated on: 26/05/2023

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