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Customize your branded tracking page

Customize your branded tracking page

The custom settings of the tracking page contain two parts: Style Design and Information Editing. Key features supported are: Hide Shipping Origin, Hide Carrier Info, and Colors Design.
In just 2 steps, get your own styled tracking page, create your unique brand image!

Step 1: Information Editing

Support 3 types of order tracking
Track with tracking number
Track with order ID + Email
Track with order ID + telephone number

Product recommendation, smart algorithm and manual selection
Smart algorithm: the system will make recommendations based on customers' purchase history or similar products.
Manual selection: select up to 10 products in your store to display.

Tracking Translation
Default: Translate all text including the shipping info into the selected language (English is by default, 26 languages are supported.)
Auto-adaption: All text including the shipping info will be translated according to the user's browser language.
Note: The translation will not apply to the text specifically set by the custom editor. If you want the text edited by the custom editor follow the translation, please do it manually.

Hide shipping origin and carrier info with one click
Check the "Hide Origin" or "Hide Carrier Info" box as needed.

Hide keywords in the tracking result.
Set the keywords and prevent them from showing in the tracking details.
Jump to "branded tracking page" > "Tracking results" > "Hide keywords"

Upload images and links for marketing campaign and publicity of the products. Support uploading external links.

One order with several packages
If multiple packages are associated under one order, all shipped ones will be tracked and displayed.

Package status description
Support custom editing of the title and the description. You can use the language that suits your customers or make unique expressions.
Not Found: This will appear when the order was not purchased from your store.
Info Received: This will appear when there are no tracking updates for the current order.
Note: Each package status is defined in a specific way and has it's own purpose. To avoid discrepencies in the meaning of the status, we currently allow only two of them customizable: Not Found and Info Received. Alert and Undelivered: Custom editing is not supported. They will show as is.

Tracking results
Display tracking number, package status, order info, product info, and detailed tracking results including: sub-status, shiping origin and destination, original carrier and local carrier, carriers contact info, ETA, etc.
Transit time: Total time from shipped to delivery.
Estimated arrival time: Provided by the carrier and may not be available sometime. If the package is already delivered, it shows the actual time of delivery.
One order with several packages: Track all packages under one order in one go.

Step 2: Style Design

Page setting
Support customizing the font style.
Colors design
Farewell to black, white & grey. Customizing the colors of buttons, text and background, bringing your brand image to life.

Updated on: 31/01/2023

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