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What features does 17TRACK offer?

What features does 17TRACK offer?

The core features of 17TRACK include Shipments (real-time logistics tracking), Buyer Protection, PayPal Auto-push, Email Notifications, Tracking Page, and Data Analysis.

Dashboard: A quick overview of what's happening with your orders and what items are on hold for processing. 17TRACK contact information is included at the bottom of the page.

Shipments: 1800+ carriers supported. Real-time and accurate display of the order status, with 9 major statuses + 27 sub-states making the logistics information more detailed and allowing you to deal with parcel exceptions timely.

Buyer Protection: Protect orders against damage, loss and delay, paid by customers, boosting order-placing and enhancing brand image.

Email Notifications: Make your emails full of brand features for more chances to showcase your brand, and support sending a copy to yourselves while notifying your customers. You can also set email-sending conditions according to actual business scenarios.

Analytics: Gain actionable insights into the in-store tracking page's store traffic and overall marketing performance, and rethink how to adjust the marketing and product recommendations accordingly.

Tracking page: Support custom editing, try different styles and layouts, or create variations based on specific brand features.

PayPal Auto Push:When your PayPal account is connected, the tracking numbers will be automatically pushed to your PayPal account, allowing customers to check the package status through PayPal. PayPal auto-push reduces logistics-related customer complaints or disputes, speeds up the fund release process, and prevents your account from being frozen.

Updated on: 30/05/2023

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