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How does 17TRACK work? How do I get started?

How does 17TRACK work? How do I get started?

17TRACK APP is an app built for Shopify sellers that runs based on Shopify's data. Therefore, to ensure offering a trackable query journey to your customers in your store, the orders must have complete logistics data in the "Shipments" section of 17TRACK.

How does 17TRACK work?

The tracking number is the basis for 17TRACK to run properly. After installing 17TRACK, we will read your order data from the Shopify panel (this requires you to upload the tracking number for your order in the Shopify proactively). Once the tracking number is available, 17TRACK will start working on your tracking page, email notifications, data analysis and other functions based on the order's logistics information.

How do I get started with 17TRACK?
Step 1: Go to "Settings" and add your frequently-used carriers to the "Preferred carrier" list.

Step 2: In the Shopify admin panel, make sure that all the orders have a tracking number uploaded.
Step 3: On the 17TRACK "Shipments" page, click on the "Sync Orders" button and select the time range to import the order data, the system will start tracking the logistics information.

Step 4: Add and design your "Tracking Pages" to enable self-help tracking within the store.

Step 5: Edit the "Email Notification" templates and enable the email notifications.

Step 6: You can also connect your PayPal account to enable the PayPal auto-push.

Step 7: Learn and decide whether to choose to enable Buyer Protection or not.

Updated on: 30/05/2023

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