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Can 17TRACK track orders from other stores/platforms?

Can 17TRACK track orders from other stores/platforms?

17TRACK is an app built for Shopify, which does not support importing and tracking orders on other platforms.

If you need to track orders from other platforms in bulk, welcome to try 17TRACK Business, which is committed to building a smart logistics tracking system for tracking in bulk and intelligent shipment management.

Detailed services are as follows:
Auto track&trace of the shipments till delivered. The shipments will be categorized according to different statuses, and you can also set your own management tags;
Data analysis, package transit time, the delivery performance of exceptional packages, data performance over logistics channels, etc.,
Automatic email notification: keeps you and your customers informed and engaged by sending timely shipping updates.
Tracking page: embed in your website for your customers to do self-help tracking and drive traffic back to your website.

If you are struggling with how to import shipments in bulk or how to track them in real-time or other challenges, register and start your free trial right away, a try to know!
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Updated on: 30/05/2023

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