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Introduction to the Shipment function

Introduction to the Shipment function

In the Shipment section, you're able to track the orders, view the tracking results, and perform some actions.

View the information as follows:

Tracking number
Package status
Country of departure and destination
Transit time
Detailed track info
Carrier Information of Departure Country and Destination Country
Order info
Client info
Estimated arrival time
PayPal tracking number push results

You can also perform the following actions:

Sync orders from Shopify store to 17TRACK to track/sync previous orders
Import external tracking numbers(Other e-commerce platforms/Other Shopify stores)
Export tracking results to a sheet
Manually push tracking numbers to PayPal Tagging
Copy tracking numbers
Modify shipping carrier
Filter order info by condition
Sort the tracking info
Copy track info
Translate track info

Updated on: 31/01/2023

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