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Learn about 17TRACK sub-status

Learn about sub-status

Subtags are predefined status available at 17TRACK's end. The checkpoint messages received from couriers are mapped to these subtags for additional information on shipments.

In transit - CollectedThe package was collected by carrier.
In transit - Depart from portThe package departed from orgin port.
In transit - Arrived at portThe package arrived at destination port.
Undelivered - Safety issuesThe package cannot be delivered due to security risks or other reasons.
Undelivered - Recipient not foundDelivery of the package failed due to the recipient not found.
Undelivered - Incorrect addressDelivery of the package failed due to incorrect recipient address.
Undelivered - Rejected by the recipientDelivery of the package failed as the recipient refused to take the package due to some reason.
Not found - Invalid tracking numberThis tracking number is incorrect or a wrong carrier is selected for this number.
Alert - Returning to senderThe package is on its way back to the sender.
Alert - Returned to senderThe return package has been successfully received by the sender.
Alert - Destroyed by customsThe package was destroyed by customs due to security risks or other reasons.
Alert - DamagedThe package was damaged.
Alert - LostThe package was lost.
Alert - DelayedThe package was delayed.
Alert - CanceledOrder was canceled.

Updated on: 31/01/2023

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