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How to integrate 17TRACK with Shopify Flow?

About Shopify Flow

Shopify Flow is Shopify's official automated flow tool, and integrates with 17TRACK allowing you to select the shipping status triggers and play a role in the workflow.

Shopify Flow is only available to stores that subscribe to Shopify Plus, Advanced and Shopify.

How to Utilize the Shipping Status updated by 17TRACK in Shopify Flow

Go to Shopify Fkow App
Click Create workflow on the top right.
Select the 17TRACK App in the Trigger list.
Select Shipment status update on the right side.
Click the Continue icon and then click Condition.
Click Add criteria on the right and select status.
Enter your desired conditions on the right window and fill in the corresponding shipping status. See below for the related shipment status.

Shipping Status

Info received: The package has been shipped and has been collected by the carriers.Info received
In transit:The package is on the way to the destination.In transit
Pick up:The package has arrived at the destination pickup point and is waiting to be picked up.Pick up
Out for delivery:The package has reached its destination and the carrier is on its way to deliver the shipment.Out for delivery
Undelivered: Deliveries may encounter problems such as wrong addresses and not being able to contact the recipient.Undelivered
Delivered: The package has been successfully delivered to the addressee.Delivered
Exception: The package might undergo unusual shipping conditions such as damage, return, loss, etc.Alert

Updated on: 24/08/2023

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