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How to integrate 17TRACK with Judge?

About is a fast-loading, fully customizable review app in 38 languages. Schedule automatic emails to get reviews with photos and videos after order fulfillment or delivery, or import them from other apps. will be able to trigger emails based on the order status pushed by 17TRACK App.

How to integrate with 17TRACK

Push Order Status to Shopify

Go to 17TRACK's Settings page.
Enable Order Status Auto-push.

If you prefer to send emails using, please turn off "Shopify Email Notification" below.

Go to to set it up

Go to's Settings page.
Click on "Integrations" > Admin Backend
Enable the "Delivery Based Request" and save settings.

Now you're all set up! The product review request will be sent once the orders are "Delivered".

Updated on: 24/08/2023

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