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How to integrate 17TRACK with Klaviyo?

About Klaviyo

Klaviyo is an email marketing platform that provides powerful SMS and email marketing automation for online stores. Klaviyo unifies all customer data in one place and delivers personalized experience through email, SMS, web forms, push notifications.

How to integrate Klaviyo with 17TRACK

Step 1: Get the Klaviyo Public Key

Login to the Klaviyo App.

Click on Account and go to Settings.
Click API Keys and copy the Public Key, you will use it in the subsequent steps.

Step 2: Connect Klaviyo to17TRACK

Go to 17TRACK APP and find Integrations.
Find Klaviyo in the Automation category of the Integrations list.
Click Connect and paste the Public Key you just copied into the input box and confirm.

Step 3: Creating Triggers with 17TRACK Package Status

Login to the Klaviyo App.
Click Flows to enter, click Create Flow in the upper right corner, and click Create from Scratch again in the upper right corner to create a new automation process.
Name the process for clarity, here we use "17TRACK- Delivered" as an example.
Click on Metric in the left navigation > FLOW TRIGGER > Choose 17TRACK shipment status update.
TRIGGER FILTERS > Add a Trigger Filter > Choose shipment_status > enter "Delivered". The automated email flow will be triggered when shipments change to "delivered". You can also enter other statuses to trigger this flow.

Shipping Status

Info received: The package has been shipped and has been collected by the carriers.Info received
In transit:The package is on the way to the destination.In transit
Pick up:The package has arrived at the destination pickup point and is waiting to be picked up.Pick up
Out for delivery:The package has reached its destination and the carrier is on its way to deliver the shipment.Out for delivery
Undelivered: Deliveries may encounter problems such as wrong addresses and not being able to contact the recipient.Undelivered
Delivered: The package has been successfully delivered to the addressee.Delivered
Exception: The package might undergo unusual shipping conditions such as damage, return, loss, etc.Alert

Updated on: 28/02/2024

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