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Can I set up a different brand tracking page in my store?How do I set up a brand tracking page?

If you are a single store account, setting up different brand tracking pages can have more template choices as switching;

If you are a multi-store account, setting up different brand tracking pages can support different store to use different brand tracking pages;

How to set up different brand tracking pages?
Add page:
1.1.A store can support setting 5 brand tracking pages;

1.2. Only one brand tracking page is supported for a store to publish;

1.3. The brand tracking page supports Duplicate, or duplicate to other stores, also can be renamed.

Customized brand tracking page;

2.1. Section settings;
2.1.1 tracking section:
Tracking information: support to set the track method as tracking number trace or order number trace, you can set to display only one of them or both;

2.1.2 Status->Tracking info Setting;

Support to hide or display carrier's official website, carrier information, map and product information;
Support to modify the corresponding description for INFO RECEIVED, ORDER PENDING, and NOT FOUND;
Support to hide keywords you wish to block. They will be omitted from the logistics trajectory.

2.1.3. Image: Support adding pictures or videos;

2.2 Style Setting;
Support setting dark color mode and light color mode directly;
Support setting the color of background, buttons, etc;

2.3. Language settings;

2.3.1 Setting the page default language;

The tracking page information will be displayed in the default language (default English), support to change or add more language settings;

2.3.2 Adapt to user language;

Once enabled, your customers can view tracking pages in different languages based on visitor's browser settings. Preview in English.


The tracking page's language will automatically change when customers switch languages in your store. You can add multiple languages to the tracking page and manually configure localized content (including: text, images, image links, etc.);

Note: Please set the corresponding editable content of one of the default languages before adding other languages, or else the default language will need to be edited and set again in addition to the added language;

2.4.Tracking info language;

Note: After customizing your brand tracking page, please remember to save it.
If you are our old user, there will be a new version of the tracking page and the old version of the tracking page, if you delete the old version of the tracking page will not be able to recover, please be careful to delete the brand tracking page.

Updated on: 21/06/2024

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