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How to trigger notifications under different conditions?

How to trigger notifications under different conditions?

Creating different condition-triggered email notifications to match multiple scenarios including: notifying customers to pick up the package after customs clearance, inviting for positive review from customers after delivery, encouraging lapsed customers to come back , etc., meeting the needs of package status notifications, email marketing, a return visit to customers, etc.

Support customizing the following conditions
Package Status
Origin & Destination
Origin courier & Destination courier
Keywords of the latest event
Delay sending
Track update time
Transit time
Order amount
Ordered Time
Store Name

Operation Guide:

Notifications>Notify to customers>Add conditions>Edit emails

Sending rules: Emails will be triggered only when all the conditions you set are met. A tracking number will only trigger one email per condition.


1、After finishing creating, the email content defaults to the basic email notification, we suggest you re-edit the email content.

2、Some shipments might not be able to meet the conditions you created, it is recommended to turn on the "status change" email notification. When none of the conditions are met, a "status change" email notification will be sent to the customer.

How to set multiple emails triggered in one status?

You can set the following conditions to trigger multiple emails for an order in one package status.
Keywords of the latest track event: When the latest track event of a package status contains a description that matches the keyword you set, an email will be triggered.
Delayed sending: If you set delayed sending for X days, it will start counting when the package status changes and trigger an email after X days.
Track update time: Set it to send emails when the tracking info has not been updated for X days.

Updated on: 26/05/2023

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