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How to design beautiful emails to make them stand out?

How to design beautiful emails to make them stand out?

The best email editor to create finer emails in a snap. Easy to use, no coding required, saving countless hours.

Follow the guide below to set up:

You can input the contents by dragging and dropping the blocks or clicking them to delete. Contents Including buttons, division lines, headers, images, text, etc. Support customizable style, such as background color, size, spacing, etc. of content.

Make your emails more personalized by using variable tags, support inserting tags for customer info, carrier info, store info, etc. We'll auto-detect the related info in the real email sent to your customers.

Automatically promotion. Drag and drop “Products “into the content, no manual uploading work is required.
The product recommendation adopts Shopify's automatic algorithm. Pushes the store's products to your customers according to the user's purchase behavior.

Custom promotion. You can also manually upload the images and links to recommend the products you prefer.

Preview the emails on both PC or Mobile modes.

Send a test email to see what the final email looks like.
Tip: The variables in test emails are simulated data, while in the real email sent to your customers, we'll auto-detect and replace them with customers' related info.

Updated on: 31/01/2023

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