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How can I use 17TRACK to provide consumers with an Estimated Delivery Dates for their packages?

During the transportation of packages, consumers often have the question "Where is my package? ". If sellers can provide consumers with an Estimated Delivery Date(here after refer to the "EDD") , it would be helpful to reduce their parcel anxiety and allow them to better plan and organize their pickup schedule. How to provide consumers with an Estimated Delivery Dates for their packages via 17TRACK?

This can be set up by following the steps below:

Currently, there are 2 sources of EDD data. 17TRACK displays EDD times according to the following priorities:

The EDD that provided by carriers.
Customized Estimated Delivery Date.

For example, if you set up the EDD formula and at the same time the carrier provides the EDD in the shipping information, finally we will show the EDD provided by the carrier on your tracking page and in the email notification (the official EDD is more informative).

Go to APP background > Settings > Customize EDD.

Choose the type of industry, there are two types of industry, 'Fast-moving consumer goods industry' and 'Handicraft or other pre-sale industries', different industries, the formula for calculating the EDD is different.

1) Fast-moving consumer goods industry
Estimated delivery date = Order created date + Order cutoff and processing time + Transit time

2) Handicraft or other pre-sale industries
Estimated delivery date = Order fulfilled date + Transit time

Setting the cut-off and processing time for orders

If you choose the Fast-moving consumer goods industry:

Order cutoff time:
The point at which you cut off the processing of an order.

Example: Let's say you set 6:00 PM as the order cutoff time.
If a customer places an order before 6pm, e.g. 3pm, then you can process the order on the same day.
If a customer places an order after 6pm, for example at 10pm, then you will process the order the next day.

*You may set the timezone according to where your team or storage based, the final EDD will be transferred to UTC standard time while showing to your customers.

Order processing Time:
This is the number of working days it takes to process an order.

Example: If you set the order processing time to 1 day.
If a customer places an order before the order cutoff time on n, November, 2023, then the parcel shipping time = (2023/11/n) +1, which is 2023/11/(n+1).
If the customer places an order after the order cutoff time on n, November, 2023, then the parcel shipping time = (2023/11/n+1) +1, which is 2023/11/(n+2).

Working days:
Select which days your warehouse can process an order.

Example: Suppose you set the working days as Monday to Friday, then the orders placed on the weekend will be processed only on next Monday.

If you select 'Handicraft or other pre-sale industries', you do not need to edit the Order processing time.

Setting the transit times
*The delivery area and modes of transportation of the packages will be taken into account to calculate the final transit time.

1)Click 'Add carrier'.

2)Select transit time range for carriers (or click the "..." button on the right side)

5.Click the "Confirm" button to save your settings, EDD will be displayed in your tracking page and email notification.

Email Notification

Tracking page:

Then your EDD settings are all done, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact our live chat support.

Updated on: 13/11/2023

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