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How to install Worry-Free Purchase widget on your Checkout Page?

If you want to install the Worry-Free Purchase widget on the checkout page, you need to make sure your shopify store is the plus version.

(If you already have the Worry-Free Purchase widget installed on the shopping cart page, it can be removed, the Worry-Free Purchase widget just needs to be displayed in one place)

Here are the steps for installing Worry-Free Purchase:

Step1: Apply Protection;
Go to protection page>Apply now.

Step2:Install widget to your store;

1.Go to Sales channels>Themes>Customize>change to Checkout page.

2.Add app block.

3.Add the protection widget>Save.

Step 3:Go back protection page to Configure the widget;

You can set whether purchasing protection is automatically checked by default in the shopping cart for your buyers.
Since protection is appears as a product in your store, after a customer purchases, it may also be synchronized as a product into your ERP. The default option here can solve this situation of not actually requiring shipping, thus not affecting your order fulfillment.

Tips1: If you complete the second step and return to the protection page without the settings page, it could be due to one of two reasons:

The protection you applied for has not been fully approved:

Please don't worry. Our online customer service will assist you manually, and typically, this process takes around 48 hours. For prompt updates on the progress and expert guidance related to protection, feel free to contact us.

Worry-Free Purchase
cannot be enabled:

Please confirm whether the currency set by the store is supported(US Dollar, Euro, Canadian Dollar, British Pound, Australian Dollar, New Zealand Dollar);
Please confirm whether your store has been opened;
Please confirm whether any ineligible products are not covered by protection;
Please confirm whether there have been any issues with bad payment issue and loss ratio in the past that forced you to go offline;
For more information on protection, please refer to this Help article.

Tips2: After you Install Worry-Free Purchase
, you still need attention for:
How to hide Worry-Free Purchase
as a product in my storefront? please refer to this Help article;
How to exclude Worry-Free Purchase
from discount codes? please refer to this Help article.

Updated on: 28/06/2024

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