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How to exclude Buyer Protection from discount codes?

How to exclude Buyer Protection from discount codes?

Buyer Protection is processed as an item by Shopify, so merchants need to take
certain steps to exclude the Buyer Protection from being discounted.

Here's a simple guide:

Create an automated Collection for all products except Buyer Protection.
Go to Products in Shopify admin --> Collections --> Create collection
Select "Automated" from the Collection type
Select all conditions under "CONDITIONS"
Add a condition for Product Vendor -> is not equal to -> Seel

This is an important step. In so doing, all products that are not from Seel (provider of Buyer Protection) will be able to be applied with a discount, while Buyer Protection will be excluded.

When creating your Discount Code, you'll need to follow these steps to ensure you apply the discount the collection that excludes Seel.
When creating your discount code, or editing current discount codes, make sure you select Applies to -> Specific collections

Choose the collection name that you created in step 1-4
Click "Save"
Your discount code will now be applicable to the Collection that has all products except Buyer Protection. This means Buyer Protection cannot be discounted when a discount code is applied to an order.

Updated on: 08/02/2023

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