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How to add frequently used carriers?

How to add frequently used carriers?

You may find some of your orders always stay in "Not Found" status on the app while they have been in transit or delivered actually. This may be due to no carrier matching or incorrect carrier matching. For quicker and more accurate tracking, please refer to the steps as follow:

Step 1: Click "Setting" at the bottom left corner to enter the page of Frequently Used Carriers.

Step 2: Search for the carriers you work with and click to add them.
Note: If you don't know the carriers you work with, just leave it empty. We will auto-detect the carrier based on your tracking number formats.

After adding the carriers, the app will fetch the shipping information and update the tracking, please kindly wait for a few minutes.

Why my orders are "not found" in the 17TRACK admin panel?/Order is trackable on both the 17TRACK website and the carrier's website, while in the 17TRACK admin panel, it can't be tracked?
Vew how to deal with it:(

If there still are "Not Found" orders, feel free to contact us, we'll always be on call to support you. 17TRACK promises full tracking until delivered.

Updated on: 26/05/2023

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