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A large number of tracking numbers failed to sync the tracking info to PayPal, how to do a bulk resynchronization?

In the "Shipments" interface, if your page appears a large number of tracking number PayPal information synchronization failure prompt, such as "PayPal Un-sync" " PayPal Sync failed" . In addition to click on the tracking number to manually synchronize the tracking info, currently, 17TRACK can also support batch repush of the PayPal tracking information. The detailed steps are as follows:

For the resynchronization operation of a single tracking number, refer to this : Why is my order not synchronized to Paypal ?

This operation is only suitable for the 17TRACK accounts that with only a single Shopify store. If you have more than one Shopify stores under the account, please contact us.

Step 1: Go to APP backend > Integration > PayPal > Click "Details".

Step 2: Click the "Manual Sync" button in the upper right corner, and select the order range that needs to be re-synchronized in the pop-up window.

Step 3: After confirming the timeframe, click "Confirm" to re-synchronize the PayPal tracking information.

If the resynchronization is still unsuccessful, please contact us in time and we will arrange our technical team to handle it for you.

Updated on: 25/10/2023

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