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How do I track orders from other Shopify stores/other e-commerce platforms? Other Shopify stores?

How do I track orders from other Shopify stores/other e-commerce platforms? Other Shopify stores?

You can connect other Shopify stores to 17TRACK for real-time synchronization and tracking. Follow the steps:

17TRACK admin page> Connections> Add connection> Paste your store URL

Other e-commerce platforms

Orders from other Shopify stores or other e-commerce platforms can also be manually imported into the app for auto track&trace. 2 ways to import are as follows:

Single or small batch import (less than 40 units): Shipment > Add > Fill in the tracking numbers and click "Add".

Large batch import (over 40 units): Shipment > Import
Steps: Download Template > Fill in the form with info such as the tracking number > Upload the form > Click 'Submit'.

Overwrite duplicate numbers: When the numbers already exist in the shipment list, the ones and their related info in the template will overwrite those in the shipment list.
Note: if there are numbers in the template same as the store-synced ones existing in the shipment list, the import process will not overwrite the existing numbers, but it will refresh the input time of them. These numbers will be calculated as duplicates in the notice.
Notice after upload: A prompt will be given on the shipping section with the following format:  {time} Your file {name} is imported successfully, total:{number}, succeeded:{number}, failed:{number}, duplicate:{number}, ignored:{number}, quota comsumed:{number}.

What do the result categories in the notice stand for?
Succeeded: the tracking numbers imported into the shipment list, including duplicates.
Duplicate: the tracking numbers already existed in the shipment list, which will not consume your tracking quota. This will refresh the entering time of the numbers.
Ignored: the tracking numbers were not imported due to duplicates within the template or insufficient quota in the current plan cycle, including purchased and extra.
Failed: the tracking numbers were not imported due to no matching carrier. Please refer to the list of carriers we support. If the carrier is on the list but can not be auto-detected by the system, you can continue the import process by clicking on "Continue" and selecting the carrier manually in the shipment list later.

Updated on: 31/01/2023

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