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Features of 17TRACK

Features of 17TRACK

17TRACK is a tracking tool for cross-border e-commerce and a must-have app for newbies to help e-commerce businesses improve their customers' post-purchase experience. It provides all the essential functions for parcel tracking, including free email notification, branded tracking page, seel protection, data analysis, PayPal push, real-time tracking of all your orders.

Intuitive Dashboard

View the data summary of each package status and the statistical analysis of successfully delivered orders, etc.

Shipment List

Support 1200+ carriers, real-time and accurate tracking of the logistics status of the order.

* Branded Tracking Page

Adding a branded tracking page to your store allows your customers to self-track their orders. This helps reduce your after-sales costs.

Free Email Notification

Notify customers of the latest status of the package, and let your customers know the latest status and tracking details of the package. You can also notify yourself of the latest status of the package, so that you can understand the latest situation of the package and deal with abnormal orders in time.

Data Analysis

Understand the store traffic and overall marketing effect embedded in the tracking page of the store, and then adjust the marketing products and product recommendation methods.

Insurance Business

Protect orders against loss, damage, and delay;Eliminate shipping related customer complaints;Turn late deliveries into repeat customers.

PayPal push

After the account is bound, the tracking number can be automatically pushed to the PayPal account without manual input. Buyers can check the status of their orders through PayPal to reduce logistics customer complaints. Improve PayPal lending speed, reduce disputes, and avoid account freezing.

Updated on: 31/01/2023

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