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December 29,2022 Improved
Manually imported and added orders no longer display the PayPal label;
The PayPal label will no longer be displayed for orders not collected through PayPal;
Add a label for an order paid via PayPal but not connected to a PayPal account in the 17TRACK;
On the Shipment page, add explanations for orders that are not connect to PayPal account, failed to sync to PayPal, not synchronized to PayPal;
Add prompts, customer service entrance and help documents on the prompt page of successfully connecting PayPal account.

December 21,2022 Improved
The effective date of the buyer's choice of transportation insurance is changed to T+3 after excluding weekends;
Stores that have not opened or have not had any orders in the past three months cannot apply for insurance services.

December 20,2022 Improved
Add a second confirmation prompt for opening insurance.

December 19,2022 Improved
Pop-up guidance for users who meet the qualifications to open the insurance function.

December 15,2022 Improved New feature
Improve all operation prompts in transportation insurance;
Add the function of transaction details of transportation insurance;
Add email notifications of an exception in the transportation insurance.

December 13,2022 Improved New feature
Added the function of app recommendation, recommending to you the top-ranked apps for Dropshipping, ERP, and After-sales reviews in the shopify app market.

December 8,2022 Fixed
Fix the issue that some sent emails do not display the logo.

December 6,2022 New feature
Add the function of tags. You can create tags and assign orders to this tag for attribution.

December 2,2022 Fixed New feature
Add the type of bank account for transportation insurance: US bank account;
Fix the problem that two twelve-hour symbols appear when the effective time of transportation insurance is transferred to the local format.

November 25,2022 Improved Fixed
Remove insurance function guidelines;
Fix the conflict between local storage and routing logic when switching languages.

November 24,2022 Improved
Remove the insurance introduction pop-up for newly registered users.

November 23,2022 Improved
Optimize the plan and send notifications to users who have subscribed to the plan.

November 8,2022 Fixed
Fix the missing problem of the default template logo in the new version of the editor of Notifications;
Fix the problem of switching between the old and the new in the mail editor.

November 3,2022 Improved
The editing tool for notification content has been upgraded. You can insert any content at will, edit the style of the content, etc.;

October 24,2022 New feature
Add a step-by-step guide for connecting PayPal.

Updated on: 03/01/2023

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