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17TRACK supports connecting to multiple Shopify stores, how will the plan be charged ?

17TRACK supports connecting to multiple Shopify stores, how will the plan be charged?

17TRACK supports connecting to multiple Shopify Stores. When the connection is completed, we will automatically sync your orders and show tracking information for those sent out in the past 7 days. A quota will be charged for the entire lifecycle tracking of one order until it's delivered.

Method 1: Connect directly from your Shopify Store

"Apps" in your Shopify Store > "Customize your store"

Search for 17TRACK on Shopify APP Store and add it.

The Permissions Request page will appear. Click "Install App" to connect 17TRACK to your Shopify store.

Method 2: Connect Shopify Store on 17TRACK page

Connections > Add connection

Updated on: 31/01/2023

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